Specialized in Global Expat Pensions

We provide quality pension consultancy for expats. We translate complex issues into simple solutions. For each type of retirement and investment plan. Thus to create the highest value for our expat clients. As we have done for 25 years on 5 continents.

Specialized in International Financial Planning

For expats and high net worth families with spread pension claims, investments, real estate and assets, we provide global financial optimization. We provide the required knowledge, global oversight and coordination, implementation and above all discretion. At the highest international standards.

Expat International Social Security

Expats with a residence/work location in different countries during a year can face International Social Security issues. Bilateral Social Security Agreements between countries can improve benefit protection for such Expats.

Expat International Estate Planning

Expats working abroad while expecting an inheritance from another country, face how to  prevent or minimize inheritance/gift/estate tax exposure. The international context and double tax treaties deserves careful attention.

Corporate International Projects

Besides our services to Expats, we also provide complete services to Companies with international pension issues. Which is often merger related. We are used to see to complete optimization. If required we hire local specialists ourselves.

Corporate Dutch Pension Plan

For companies located outside of The Netherlands, we can provide complete advisory and implementation services regarding installing a Dutch Corporate Pension Plan. Such a coverage is usual. The tax benefits for employees are vast.

UK Expat Pension Specialization

We are specialized in pension optimization of UK Pensions. This regards State/Occupational/Private Pensions and focusses on (inter)national tax minimization and coverage, investment and flexible pay-out optimization.

UK Offshore QROPS Specialization

Expats are often contacted about switching their UK Pension Claim into a QROPS. As there are relevant (inter)national tax, costs, coverage and investment issues, it seems advisable to base decisions on accurate advice and experience.  

Investments Within Pension Plans

Pension Plans are often investment based. As those investments are the engine of your retirement planning, good to have the optimal Personal Risk Profile, Asset Allocation, low costs and risk reduction towards retirement age.

External Investments

Many Expats have a separate Investment Account. This account requires the same optimal combination of Risk and Return On Investment. Due to the optimal pay-out flexibility, a perfect instrument for fine tuning your retirement.

Expat International Tax

Pensions are often a gross entity. Which makes tax relevant. We always first focus on minimizing tax exposure in residential and source country. Amazing to see how often international tax aspects have not been taken into account.

Expat National Tax

Minimizing the national tax exposure starts with using all national available tax benefits. In several countries this can be implemented with a back service effect. Which is too often not used. Even though its effect can be very substantial.

UK Pension Tax

This is within our specialization. It regards among other issues: LTA/Tax free quota/CETV cash value/ Transfer of value aspects/Qrops & Sipps/Treaty classification of pension claims/Contact with HMRC.

USA Pension Tax

This is within our specialization. It regards among other issues: Roth & Regular Claims/IRA/401(K)/ 403B/Roll-over IRA into 401(K)/Fatca issues/Treaty classification of pension claims/Contact with IRS.


Communication is key. We provide advice in normal words. Not in technical jargon. During the Zoom we discuss the Memorandum. Then we see what’s not clear and explain it again. In another way. Often resulting in an updated version of the Memorandum.

Employee Pension Presentation

For organizations with employees from different countries, we offer an interactive English group presentation. We explain all (inter)national legal/tax/pension/ investment/product aspects. It includes a tailer-made comprehensive English Memorandum.

Quality As Core Value

We have just one core value: Quality. We are passionate about it. It inspires us each day to keep improving our services. As our valued clients deserve and expect.

As a result we service the highest segment of the international market. We are aware of the related expectations. It is our challenge to provide even more.

Contact With Tax / Audit / Legal / Financial Firms

Due to our specialization we are used that tax / audit / legal / financial firms refer their clients to our firm regarding international pension issues.

We highly value such referrals. We always make sure that the referring firm is kept in the loop at all times. Now and in the future.

Boutique Firm: Personal & Highly Protective

We are not one of the big firms. We know our clients personally and value their trust. As their long-term trusted advisor, we are highly protective of their interests. Thus we offer extensive aftercare and respond within one day to questions.

Boutique Firm: Reviews

We highly value our client’s reviews. We are grateful to have so many very kind clients. The reviews often mention ‘personal attention, attention to detail, service and impartial’.  A great inspiration to always try to improve our services.

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