Corporate Reviews

"When setting up a legal entity for RHI Magnesita in The Netherlands, we needed an external provider to support us with international executive pension relocation and compensation. For this matter we engaged with Patrick Donders of Expat Pension Holland.

During this intensive project, we have got to know Patrick as an accurate and knowledgeable advisor who was able to address all interests of both the company and the executives in an objective and fair manner. The project has been finalized in a successful manner in view of both the company and the executives.

Therefore we can recommend Patrick for international corporate pension consultancy."

RHI Magnesita/Ditte Riis, Regional HR Business Partner The Netherlands & Nordics/Rotterdam

"Patrick Donders of Expat Pension Holland has assisted our company with installing the best Dutch corporate pension plan. Which assistance was welcome due to all Dutch legal, tax and corporate issues. As Patrick was pro-active, very thorough and provided excellent service, we can recommend his services!"

Sonja Zimmermann-Hoffner/Head of Human Resources at Bihl+Wiedemann/Mannheim, Germany

"It was a pleasure to work with Expat Pension Holland on the implementation of the new Corporate Pension Plan as you always communicate quickly and clearly!"

Elodie Tranvouez, Group International Mobility Manager at Aptar Group, France

"We received excellent service from EPH, Patrick is really easy to work with and very efficient!"

Stuart Allan/ Branch Manager/ Itoh Denki Europe