Investment Consultancy

A) Type of Client

We provide Investment Consultancy for several type of clients:

  • One group of clients has no background and experience in investments. They would like to be informed of the essence of investments and risk and assisted with creating and maintaining a personal portfolio.
  • Another group of clients has (some) experience with investments and would like to get a second opinion about their current portfolio.
  • Finally our main focus is on clients for whom we create the optimal investment portfolio which we also periodically evaluate with our often experienced clients.


B) Type of Services

Depending on the personal situation of our client, we can provide the following services:

  • We start with establishing in a careful manner what the Personal Risk Profile is of our client. For this we use our own five page standard form which provides all required information about experience, knowledge and sentiment.
  • Then we focus on the Personal Wishes and Investment Horizon of our client.
  • After which we select the correct Investment Categories and Investment Funds. As investing in one single object increases risk, we do not recommend this.
  • In general we provide a once a year review of our client’s portfolio.
  • We provide assistance regarding investments inside/outside of pension plans.

C) Focus On Risk

As many clients have no background in investments, we see it as our most important task to make sure that our client will not face undesirable risks. Thus we will explain in detail what risk is and why our client should never go beyond his Personal Risk Profile.

Regarding this focus on risk and long-lasting client contact, we believe we differ from other firms.

D) International Aspects

Due to our international specialization and as our clients are Expats, we are experienced in providing an international context.


E) End Goal

Our end goal is for our clients to have the best Return On Investment/Risk Ratio at the lowest amount of costs after tax.

F) Investment Memorandum

Our clients receive our English Investment Memorandum which includes all relevant aspects:

  • Personal Risk Profile;
  • Thorough explanation of all Investment Categories;
  • An oversight of Investment Providers;
  • Tax implications;
  • Capital projections;
  • Insight in their retirement planning and all aspects involved;
  • How to handle risk and possibly decrease it in time;
  • Personalised advice for the future;
  • Estate planning aspects.