Our Approach: 5 Phases

1) Intake

During our first meeting, we gladly listen as you describe your issues and wishes.

Then we will outline our approach to your case and indicate the time required to provide quality advice.

Finally you can decide if our company is indeed the very best option for you and your family.


2) Inventory & Relationship Manager & Delivery Date

When you have chosen for our company, we will send the by law required paperwork:

  • Pension Consultancy Contract;
  • Personal Risk Profile Form;
  • Extensive Client Inventory Form;
  • Request for a Copy ID;
  • Invoice for the in Holland usual modest advance.

We will also inform you who will be your Relationship Manager. Each Manager is an Expat Pension & Investment Specialist and responsible for all contacts between you and our firm. As we have clients in time zones from California to Australia, our Managers are very flexible.

Finally we will inform you when you can expect to receive the Pension Memorandum.

3) Analyses

After we have received all required information, we go to work.

First we will make sure that we have all accurate facts regarding your case, plans and countries involved.

Then we analyse carefully how your personal wishes are best implemented.


4) Pension Memorandum & Extensive Zoom

The Pension Memorandum is the central pillar in our approach. It is meant to be complete, correct and easy readable. It will include all facts, wishes, options and advice. In general it contains 10-25 pages in English.

The Pension Memorandum has been drafted with the utmost care. Practice shows that even highly educated professionals prefer to have a Zoom as all aspects might be overwhelming. As everybody also has his own perception, it is our standard approach to have an extensive Zoom to make sure that all questions are answered.

5) Implementation & Aftercare

When you understand everything and have made a well based decision, the implementation can start. Our involvement depends on your wishes. 

Advisable to take care of simple matters yourself and only involve our firm if there are complex technical aspects. As the capital involved increases, often so does our involvement.

We find it important to provide extensive aftercare after implementation. If you later switch countries/firms, we can act quickly and efficiently regarding new aspects.