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Financial Planning

The central aspects of Pensions are:

  • Capital and the effect of Compounded Return on Investment;
  • The impact of Costs in time;
  • The impact of Mortality and others Risks.

These aspects are also central in the overall Financial Planning.

As we are protective of our clients interests and prefer a long-term horizon, we include advice about the Optimization of their overall Financial Planning.

Thus we focus on for example:

  • The Real Estate Mortgage Planning including the International Tax Optimization;
  • The International Estate Planning with its high cross border impact.
  • Advice and implementation of divorce with international pension issues.

Wealth Management

A part of financial planning that deserves special attention is Wealth Management. Both in Pensions as in Private Capital, Wealth Management has become increasingly important.

Therefore we advise our clients about the Optimization of Wealth Management in all related countries which includes;

  • For starters to use the international existing Tax Benefits;
  • To accurately access the Personal Risk Profile and Investment Horizon which can be quite different from the pension related profile;
  • The kind of Investment Categories: Derivatives/Equity/Real Estate/(High Yield) Bonds/Savings;
  • The type of investments: Funds or Individual Assets;
  • In case of Funds whether or not to choose Life Cycle Funds and if so how to choose the right one;
  • In case of Funds whether or not to choose ‘Vision Funds’ or ‘Trackers’ and how to choose the right one;
  • The kind of assistence: To selfinvest or assisted by a Broker;
  • To select the best kind of platform which provides up to date information about; fund selection, objective fund evaluation, Morningstar ratings, spreading within each investment category, gross/net performance, risk and costs.

In case you would us to help you with the determination of your Personal Risk Profile, feel free to use our Investment Risk Profile Form as enclosed under the Brochure Section of our site.

In case you would like to have objective information about Investments and Investment Funds, feel free to use our Investment Fund Brochures as enclosed under the Brochure Section of our site.


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Investment Funds

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