Tax Consultancy

A) Tax & Pensions

We provide Tax Consultancy for Expats who have national and international tax issues relating to their State/Occupational/Private Pension Claims and Investments.


Which includes among others:

  • How to file your tax return;
  • Assist you in a Tax Objection Procedure if you have been treated incorrectly by the Dutch National Tax Authority;
  • Tax advice relating to specific issues like if extra tax benefit is allowed regarding this year or past years with back service;
  • How to best treat your pension position relating to the Dutch 30% tax ruling;
  • Are there any wealth tax issues now and in the future;
  • All national and international issues relating to Emigration/Immigration;
  • Your pension tax position regarding estate planning;
  • International pay-out implementation and Double Tax Treaty aspects.

B) Dutch/UK/USA Tax Issues

As we are specialized in these countries, we have relevant experience in how to best treat your pension tax issues and how to best approach the national tax authorities.

C) International Pension Tax Issues

International pension tax situations can quickly become complex:

  • There is more than one country/national tax legislation/tax and pension authority involved;
  • There might be a Double Tax Treaty in play;
  • Or in lack thereof Foreign Tax Credits and its national implementation.

Therefore it is especially regarding international pension tax issues that your interest is only served when carefully taking into account all personal, financial, legal and tax aspects.

D) Tax Memorandum

Due to all technicalities involved and as details matter, we provide our advice by means of an English Tax Memorandum. It provides a complete oversight which includes:

  • Your personal and tax facts and wishes;
  • The options for how to best treat your pension tax issues and how to best approach the involved national tax authorities;
  • An accurate and comprehensive risk assessment of each possible approach;
  • Our recommendations regarding advisable approach and how to implement.

E) Contact

If you might have any questions about your personal situation, feel free to call 0031 6 260 14 112 or mail to

You are most welcome!