Why EpH?

A] Why Expat Pension Holland?

  • For 20 years of global experience and our highly critical attitude.
  • All our information, brochures, forms and advice is in the English language.
  • For our focus on client value and not having the Anglo-Saxon 'sales approach'.
  • For the traceable recommendations of our clients on our site, Google, Linkedin and Facebook.

B] Team

We have a flexible international team whose members complement each others specialties. Which includes financial, tax, estate planning, product specialists and client service coordinators.

All focused on the best technical solutions and client service.

Our Director Patrick Donders sees to the overall project handling and quality standards.

C] Background Patrick Donders

patrick donders headshot

Patrick Donders

Patrick Donders is Pension Jurist/Consultant and founder of Expat Pension Holland. He graduated from Law School and has a Pension and Post Doctorate Tax Law background. As well as an actuarial education at the Actuarial Institute.

After an internship at the Columbia Law School in New York City Patrick started his career at Arthur Andersen. During his career Patrick had several management positions at financial institutions. During his 10 years at Moore Stephens Amsterdam Patrick build the international pension consultancy practice.

Patrick has more than 20 years of experience regarding International Pension Consultancy. Both collective and expats. Patrick is passionate about quality and adding value. He is a trusted advisor of a number of especially German and Japanese Global Companies. As well as of many Expats of whom most are of Board level.

In his spare time Patrick loves the outdoors and especially endurance cycling, sailing and running. After which he appreciates a nice glass of wine!

D] Also for you as expat?

Do you require an effective consultant who communicates clearly?

Feel free to contact us.