High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI)

A) Tailor-Made Advice & Service

Persons who are well off are often busy and lacking time to focus on financial optimization. Which often leads to a non-optimal situation. Especially in an international context. If this regards a number of assets and aspects, the effect can be substantial.

We focus on wealth optimization and creating the scenario that is best and most comfortable for our clients. We will gladly provide oversight and advice about which aspects are in play and how to optimize in your situation.

High Net Worth Individuals

'First we listen, then we challenge, then we implement.'

Our clients deem it relevant that we are totally independent. We are not related to any financial institution or private bank and also do not sell financial products. Therefore we are able to provide truly independent consultancy. We only serve our client’s interest. That is our passion.

We take pride that we have long-term relations with many global HNWI clients. We are highly protective of their interests and privacy. Which reflects in our reviews. 

B) Definition High Net Worth

We define high net worth as a total net asset value as of 7 figures in euro. (We are experienced with up to 8 figures estates.)

C) Type Of Client

We have many different type of clients but often included in our portfolio are:

  • Families that pass on wealth to the new generation;
  • Corporate executives who have done well;
  • Entrepreneurs who have sold their firm;
  • Medical/Legal/Financial/IT specialists.

D) Services

We focus on the optimization of:

  • Annual income;
  • Investment allocation;
  • Risk coverages;
  • Retirement planning;
  • Estate planning;*
  • Which all include minimization of tax exposure/costs;
  • Which all include maximization of pay-out flexibility;
  • If required we use niche specialists from our international network.

* Which includes Matrimonial Property Law / Wills / Gift Tax / Estate Tax / Inheritance Tax.

E) Relationship Manager

Our clients will have our Director as long-term Relationship Manager. Which guarantees not only the highest quality but also that there will be no personal changes in the near future. A consistency our clients highly appreciate.

High Net Worth Individuals

F) Quarterly Oversight

A standard part of our service is that at the end of each Quarter, we provide an accurate oversight of all Assets and Risks. Which makes it possible to, if so required, adjust and act on short notice and prevent substantial surprises.

G) Fees

As each client has his own specific situation and requests, our fees are tailor-made accordingly. In general our fees have the following structure:

1] Start Up Fee: The fee which covers the first time we provide the complete English Quality Memorandum which covers all facts, wishes, options and recommendations;

2] Regular Annual Fee: The fee which covers the requested type and amount of quarterly and annual service;

H) U.S./NL Case As Example

As an actual case might clearly shows which facts and aspects are relevant for a HNWI, we will now summarize an actual case: High Net Worth Individual: Case USA/NL

I) Contact

If you have any questions if our HNWI service would be interesting for you, feel free to call 0031 6 260 14 112 or mail to info@expatpensionholland.nl

You are most welcome!