Company Training

  • A) In General

    We are often contacted by HR to provide a pension related training for their employees.

    For example regarding:

    • Dutch Private Pensions;
    • Dutch Occupational Pensions;
    • International Pensions/Risk Coverages.

    In general we distinguish two type of approaches:

    • The Standard Approach: Focus on informing in the most effective manner;
    • The Elaborate Approach: Focus on providing the best and most complete information.

    If your company might already have a specific approach in mind, it will be our pleasure to provide the training based on that perspective.

  • B) Standard Approach

    Step 1: Pension Memorandum

    Taking into account the existing knowledge from the audience, we draft an English Pension Memorandum which in an effective manner explains the essence about pensions, tax, investments, risk coverage, costs, pay-out flexibility, international aspects and what (not) to do.

    Step 2: Group Meeting

    We have a Personal or Zoom Meeting for the employees and go through the Pension Memorandum together and answer all their questions. Which they often appreciate very much.

    Step 3: Personal Questions

    Later on employees can mail additional personal questions, which we will gladly answer in detail.

  • C) Elaborate Approach

    Likewise as the Standard Approach and its 3 steps but in this case we provide the best and most complete information about the mentioned topics in the Pension Memorandum and during the Meeting.

  • D) Quotes

    We will gladly provide you with a tailer-made quote for the requested type of training.

    The height of each quote depends on the number of participants.

    The Elaborate Approach has a quote which is 25% higher than the Standard Approach.