'Patricks' review of our pensions, in 3 different continents, was very
thorough. Very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge.  He
provided detailed insight of where we are now, as well as
recommendations moving forward to ensure we maximise our investments. 
He provides an exceptional service.  We look forward to continuing to
work with Patrick and can highly recommend his services.

Daniel Milliken, VP Global Marketing & Strategy, Philips/2018

'When I needed an advisor to optimize my pension planning and Wealth Management, Patrick was recommended by a friend. Patrick has provided excellent advice in a professional manner and at a regular rate. He delivered in time and provided clear advice and conclusions. Furthermore we appreciated that after some time he contacted us on his own initiative to see if there were any questions. Therefore it is our pleasure to recommend Patrick!'

Prof. G.J. Kaspers MD, Director Maxima Hospital/2018

'Patrick was extremelly helpful and efficient in reviewing my pension plan and coming with a clear proposal for improvements. He also evaluated several investment options and helped me to select the most appropriated funds. The interaction with Patrick is always very good; he always provides clear and quick feedback to all questions.'

Kellen Fae, Head of Biomarkers, The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies/2018

'Every expat knows how complicated international pension planning can be. I was very lucky to find in Patrick a knowledgeable and consummate professional who advocated on my behalf with the Belastingdienst and the plan provider to deliver exactly what he said he could deliver.

While it did take some time to organize, Patrick was there the entire way, with exhaustive attention to detail and faultless communication. Overall, Patrick provided a very valuable and cost-effective service. I heartily recommend Patrick and Expat Pension Holland.'

Todd Wilkinson, Entrepreneur, USA/2018

'I am extremely impressed with Patrick's professionalism and kind, friendly and personal service. Patrick truly is a scholar and a gentleman. I will always recommend Patrick's services to anyone that may require them. Many thanks!!'

Eugene Bascerano, International IT Consultant/2018

'As a foreign national with pension questions in the Netherlands, I'm pleased to recommend Patrick Donders for any pension issues.  Patrick is professional, knowledgeable and leaves no stone unturned in researching/advising on pension matters. Patrick will not only help specifically answer a client's questions, but will also point out additional concerns to ensure the greatest protection for his clients and he does so using clear, concise English. I highly recommend Patrick.'

Guy La Salle, Manager Nike/USA / 2018

'It was a great experience and eyeopener to work with Patrick on our pensions. Patrick provided great insights on the connections between tax and pension systems across multiple countries. It was an eyeopener to experience the tax benefits associated with pension investments. Patrick also highlighted the value of switching between pensions for the hope of better returns in the future. Following his detailed action plan for my wife and me, we have clarity on how we can maximize our pensions across three countries. Apart of his professional financial, pension and tax expertise really appreciated his friendly attitude and flexible service. Looking forward to continuing working with Patrick.'

Gabor Purman MD/MBA, Director, NexGen Healthcare /London/2018

'I was very pleased with Patrick's services. He is highly professional and dedicated to providing a workable solution. He took the time to understand the particularities of my case and delivered a clear and concise course of action.'

P.B., Global Assurance, European Space Agency/2018

'I would like to make a both a personal and professional recommendation for Patrick Donders' services. Patrick has not only given me valuable advice, but has helped so much through each step of the way in arranging all my pensions within the Netherlands, and overseas in The UK and Spain. His attention to detail and ability to keep me continuously informed has been outstanding. He is a true professional, hard working and a very nice person to deal with. I can not speak highly enough of him personaly, and of his skills and services. Therefore, I would highly recommend Patrick to any individual or company if they have any type of pension requirements.'

Gary Atkins, Business Development Director - Healthcare & Medical/Murata Electronics Europe BV/2018

'Thank you very much for your advice. Your service is excellent!'

Voldemars Belakovs, Scientist/Latvia/2018

'I am really grateful for Patrick Donders' skills and dedication to providing high quality service. Patrick has provided exceptional service, has always given the best possible advice and gone above and beyond my expectations to give me everything I need in terms of pension plan and following through to completion in a way that I have never experienced before. He is a Star.'

Bernard Andrews, Manchester/UK/2018

'I expected pension advice and got much more. Patrick really gave me clarity on my relatively complex pension situation (well complex to me!). Patrick was good to work with and I now feel reassured about my situation where before I felt in the dark. I would not hesitate to recommend Patrick to others in a similar situation.'

Ivon Corcoran, Director WE Fashion Europe BV/2018