"Patrick was able to resolve some challenging issues on my behalf. His experience, sound advice and energy ultimately saved me a lot of money and I am extremely grateful. I would have no hesitation in recommending him. Many thanks Patrick!"

Simon Taylor/International Director/UK

"I highly recommend Patrick. He is extremely helpful, very knowledgeable in his field and an excellent communicator. If you are looking for assistance with managing your international pension portfolio Patrick will certainly be able to offer valuable assistance."

Sarah Hughes/Director EMEA/Google

"Patricks' review of our pensions, in 3 different continents, was very thorough. Very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. He provided detailed insight of where we are now, as well as recommendations moving forward to ensure we maximise our investments. He provides an exceptional service. We look forward to continuing to work with Patrick and can highly recommend his services."

Daniel Milliken/VP Global Marketing & Strategy/Philips

"Patrick's advice has enormously helped me getting some clarity about my pension situation, as I have moved a lot in the recent past and have a pension history spread across four countries. He offers a perspective which is focused on the sole interest of his clients, which helps focusing on costs and tax planning."

Roberto Rossi/Global HR Business Partner/ING

"It was a great experience and eyeopener to work with Patrick on our pensions. Patrick provided great insights on the connections between tax and pension systems across multiple countries. It was an eyeopener to experience the tax benefits associated with pension investments. Patrick also highlighted the value of switching between pensions for the hope of better returns in the future. Following his detailed action plan for my wife and me, we have clarity on how we can maximize our pensions across three countries. Apart of his professional financial, pension and tax expertise really appreciated his friendly attitude and flexible service. Looking forward to continuing working with Patrick."

Gabor Purman MD/MBA / Director/NexGen Healthcare/London

"I would like to make a both a personal and professional recommendation for Patrick Donders' services. Patrick has not only given me valuable advice, but has helped so much through each step of the way in arranging all my pensions within the Netherlands, and overseas in The UK and Spain. His attention to detail and ability to keep me continuously informed has been outstanding. He is a true professional, hard working and a very nice person to deal with. I can not speak highly enough of him personaly, and of his skills and services. Therefore, I would highly recommend Patrick to any individual or company if they have any type of pension requirements."

Gary Atkins/Business Development Director - Healthcare & Medical/Murata Electronics Europe BV
  • Recommendations 2020

    "Many thanks for your patience, excellent efforts and aftercare!"

    Seyyed Miri MD PHD/Nedmedica/2020

    "Patrick has helped to optimize my pension tax benefits. I have also seen his expert tax knowledge first-hand, where he pointed out a taxation problem with my QROPS. I could have continued unknowingly towards retirement, but thanks to Patrick for providing an insight into the double taxation treaty and making me more aware. I have enjoyed exchanging ideas with Patrick. He has integrity and works in a professional manner. Patrick has a good eye for detail, and he is protective of his clients. I see my relationship with Patrick as long term. We will be in contact again. Clients looking for a pension adviser need look no further. I highly recommend Patrick. Thank you, Patrick!"

    Richard Hoquee/ Senior IT Project Specialist/2020

    "Patrick was very friendly and willing to answer my key questions about my pension transfer even in our first phone call (without charge!). He followed up with detailed information that helps me to navigate my situation as an expat moving within the EU. His knowledge and expertise save me tons of time researching by myself (which I probably wouldn't be able to figure out anyway). Highly recommend his service!"

    Pisitta Vongswasdi/Phd. Scholer at Otto Beisheim School of Management/Berlin/2020

    "Spoke with Patrick yesterday, never met him before. Very clear advice and direction given, none asked for just the potential of working together in the future.. You don't get that often."

    David Allen/Nike Europe/UK/2020

    "I contacted Patrick at Expat Pension Holland as I was getting confused with the various pensions I had both back in the UK and here in NL.
    He was very thorough in his responses, and when questioned further he never failed to explain everything in the simplest terms when asked to do so.
    Finance and investments are not a strong point of mine, so he helped me feel very secure and informed about what my options are in the future.
    I recommend Expat Pension Holland very highly! Thank you Patrick."

    Becky Tomas/Professional Care Provision/2020

    “I would like to thank Patrick Donders from Expat Pension Holland for the quick feedback, quality advice and integrity. You are indeed focused on providing maximum value for your client!”

    Marc Perathoner/Director Commodity Risk Management at FrieslandCampina/2020

    "Had such a pleasant chat with Patrick, who helped me greatly with my questions regarding my pension plan. He explains in detail and simple language the best practices for setting up a pension plan. Great service and truly recommend connecting with Patrick in case anyone has doubts when it comes to pension and general finances."

    Karla Vincheva/Project Manager in Amsterdam/2020

    "We were referred to Patrick Donders of Expat Pension Holland for help with planning our financial future in the context of an upcoming relocation to the Netherlands. As academics, we have been fortunate to work in a number of international locations — so our pension situation is complex — but our income is relatively modest compared to the stereotypical international corporate executive. Patrick was sympathetic to our situation and provided a comprehensive report and advice for a fair price. He was a pleasure to work with, with clear communication throughout."

    John Swinbank Phd. Astrofysics at University of Washington/Seattle/2020
    Daniela Huppenkothen Phd. Astrofysics at University of Washington/Seattle/2020

    "Patrick is very professional and knowledgable. Very kind service with a willingness to explain the procedures thouroughly. Good advice and smooth service!"

    Aneta Kantarowska/HR Advisor at Dell Technologies/2020

    "Patrick provided quality advice for dealing with pension matters when switching countries."

    Kaveh Razavi/ Assistant Professor at ETH Zürich University/Zürich/2020

    "Because of previous employment in The UK, I had international pension related questions. The advice and service Patrick provided was welcome and of a good level. If I might need advice in the future, I will gladly turn to Patrick again and I can recommend his services."

    Anton Hunsucker/Banking Supervisor at DNB/2020

    "In the past I have worked in Holland for the Accor Group, which resulted in Dutch pension claims. Due to all details, I requested assistence of Expat Pension Holland regarding the pay-out. Patrick provided good solutions for my issues and on short notice. The tax related assistence was also very welcome. The overall service and highly correct communications are of a level that is rare today!"

    Richard Launay/ Retired Hotel Manager/ Paris/2020

    "As a small organization with 6 staff members from 5 different countries, we weren't sure where to start when it came to pensions in the Netherlands. Through a two hour session with our team, Patrick gave us a clear overview of the Dutch pension system and our options for corporate and individual pensions.

    Patrick is super responsive and clearly an expert in the field. We really appreciated his unbiased advice and his willingness - and ability! - to answer all of our questions, no matter how basic. I'd definitely recommend his services!"

    Kristin Colenbrander/ Business Development Analyst at Laterite B.V. / 2020

    "The instant information you provided about my pension and tax planning is highly appreciated. Your service level is exceptional and highly recommended!"

    Hakan Yamanyar/Lead Software Engineer at Alselsan/Turkey/2020

    "Thank you for your extensive work and careful advice how to best treat our overseas pension claims. The call that followed the Pension Memorandum was very valuable!"

    M. Teperek/Data Coordinator at TU Delft/2020

    "Thank you so much for your advice and fine service regarding my Dutch pensions pay-out and how to minimize my overall tax exposure!"

    Sue Agrink/ Virginia USA/2020

    “As an expat in the Netherlands, I had difficulty with understanding Dutch labour law, deserved pension benefits and so forth. I turned to Patrick for consulting service with my struggling situation. Patrick understands expats related Dutch labour law regulations and pension rights very well. He provided very good ideas and satisfying solutions to my pension right claim.”

    Dr. Xiangwei Liu/ Chief Scientist at Repa Conveyor Equipment BV/2020

    "I really enjoyed our conversation and I appreciate your transparency and professionalism. The pension advice was good and I'm glad we moved forward with that!"

    Caio Tozzini, Group Product Manager at Booking.Com /2020

    "As a young and expat in the Netherlands, I was always lost on what could I do that could benefit me. I received some very valuable information and tips from Patrick. Thank you for your honest feedback!"

    Nelsy Dubras/Epson Europe BV/Paris/2020

    "In the course of 2019 Patrick helped me deal with a pensions matter I had been avoiding for years. I work for a company in a different country, and my tax and pension situation therefore crosses borders. For a long time I had felt trapped by how difficult it seemed, but Patrick deals with cases like this all the time. He knew what options were available to me, and with his clear explanations he helped me understand my position so that we could deal with it together.

     Patrick worked diligently with me and my company to explore our preferred option. When circumstances changed such that this was no longer available, Patrick immediately had an alternative to hand. I now have a pension plan in place that helps me take optimal advantage of my tax allowances. Patrick's solid expertise and friendly approach took the fear out of the issue, and let me feel in control of this aspect of my finances again. I intend to keep using his services for many years to come!"

    Martin Sutherland / Principal Software Engineer at FanDuel / 2020

    “You have been very helpful. Thank you so much for all your information, fast answers and assistence!”

    Katherine Sloggett/International Business Manager/ FlexDex Surgical/2020

    "I've found these services on I Am Expat and was pleasantly surprised. Patrick is very professional and responsive so all my questions were answered and solved in no time. Thank you so much!"

     Anastasiya Kozhemyakina/ Central Trade Monitor/Tower Research Capital Europe/2020

    "Patrick was very helpful at each stage of our interaction with his business and services. His professional and approachable manner made it a seamless process for those new to investing, like ourselves, and his advice was clear and easy to understand. The service is tailored to your individual needs. I can highly recommend Patrick for anyone who is living and working abroad!"

    L.M. & A.S./British & Australian Expat Couple/2020

    "Thank you so much for your expert advice about the feasibility of an international transfer of pension capital from Holland to my Superannuation in Australia. It is rare these days to have a consultant who is advising you not to pay fees to his company as it would be a waist of money. You focus indeed on quality!"

    Andrew Sloan/Australia/2020

    "Thank you for your help in resolving my pensions in the Netherlands. Your research and advice has been clear, concise and quick to allow me to claim my pensions from abroad. Well done!"

    James Lumsden/IT Specialist Morgan Stanley/UK/2020

    “Thank you for the very detailed and thorough collective pension consultancy services you have provided during the selection and implementation of our new plan. Also appreciated is your proposal to as a service come back one month after the employee presentation in order to address all questions employees might have!”

    Panos Sarlanis/Co-Founder at IamExpat Media/2020

  • Recommendations 2019

    "Patrick has been really helpful, providing genuine advice for someone who is new to the country and inexperienced with pensions in general! Totally recommend!"

    Christina Diffley/2019

    "Patrick was so genuinely helpful and took the time to listen to my financial situation and help with holistic and functional advice. Highly highly recommended. Thanks again Patrick!"

    Jo Hawkes/2019

    "Thank you for your careful advice regarding how to restructure my pension investments. I appreciate the swift service and also that as I already was client, your service was gladly offered as aftercare without any charges."

    Mrs. Döppenbecker, Entrepeneur/2019

    "Thank you very much for your assistance regarding my international double taxation issues. Your help is very much appreciated."

     Robert McLennan, UK/2019

    "I would like to thank you very much for the memorandum and all the work you did for us. It's really great to have such an overview of our pension contributions/claims and a projection of how much we may receive when we retire. It is also great to get advice on what to do regarding some of the pension funds and on what to think about when investing our savings. It has provided us a lot of food for thought already. I am particularly grateful for the advice regarding my UK Pension Claims and Funds."

     Dr. Maria Cruz, Research Data Manager at VU / Dr. Erik Rijkhorst, Medical Physicist at AvL / 2019

    "Thanks for everything you've helped me with. I have recently received my corporate pension without deduction of tax. So my primary purpose has been achieved for which I am very grateful and am advertising your services to younger ex-pat colleagues from the UK as they approach retirement. I am completely satisfied with your response to my main issue and will confirm any request in this respect."

     Dr. David Canham, UK/2019

    “I found you to be a diligent, knowledgeable and understanding consultant. You put me at ease without making me feel patronised and you presented complicated topics in an easy to understand way. I really appreciate all your hard work. Thank you again!”

    Beulah Devaney, Web Specialist, Catawiki, 2019

    "Due to the very professional approach, valuable insights, amazing service and fast implementation, I can recommend Expat Pension Holland!"

    Pavel Zalevskiy, Entrepreneur, 2019

    "I'm very pleased with the service delivered by Patrick Donders in the selection and implementation of my Dutch Pension Fund. He was able to find the right solution for my particular case and implemented everything flawlessly and smoothly."

    Joao Bispo, VP Sales EMEA at Aptar Group, France/2019

    "Patrick took the burden of pension choice, that would be extremely difficult to figure out alone. His knowledge in the local tax system and pension investment options gave me an excellent solution with minimal effort. Highly recommended."

    Panagiotis Nikolopoulos, Consultant at Quanticboost/2019

    "Patrick is definitely an expert in his domaine and dedicated to provide an exhaustive overview and relevant recommendations. Professional, efficient and reactive, you can be sure to receive a proposal adjusted at best to your situation. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

    Stéphanie Magnan, Head of Marketing, Media Distillery/ 2019

    "I have been very happy with the service provided by Patrick Donders from Expat Pension Holland.  From start to finish, he has been very easy to communicate with, and answers all questions quickly and comprehensively.  The service was excellent-- I got exactly what I needed, and he made sure everything was completed in a very satisfactory manner. On top of the professionalism, Patrick was a delight to deal with. I highly recommend him."

    Sarah Burton, Senior Project Leader at Greenpeace International/ 2019

    "Patrick is very persistent. Because of his persistence, he managed to get the responses from one of my European pension funds after multiple correspondences over several weeks. That wasn't easy and I am impressed he managed it!"

    Li-Yang Wang, Global HR Specialist at Delta Electronics EMEA/2019

    "As an ex Expat now living back in the UK after 25 years working in Europe, with a number of pension pots tied up in Holland, I was given the runaround by most Dutch Financial Institutions and Advisors for nearly 2 years. It was Five to Midnight with still no solution. Luckily I found Patrick at Expat Pension Holland. What a relief! Professional, friendly and no fuss, he knew exactly what to do and did it fast. He helped me arrange everything and beyond the call of duty too. It's my great pleasure to recommend Patrick, whatever the requirements."

    Stephen Sutherland, Retired International Creative Director, UK/2019

    "The Expat Pension Holland advice is very much based on the facts presented and not on personal feelings or assumptions. It is very clear and readable with not too much technical jargon. The advice was given in good time and without due delay."

    Christopher Swan, Laboratory Coordinator Oil Gas Sulphur at Shell, Kazachstan/2019

    “It was a pleasure to work with Expat Pension Holland on the implementation of the new Corporate Pension Plan as you always communicate quickly and clearly!”

    Elodie Tranvouez, Group International Mobility Manager at Aptar Group, France/2019

  • Recommendations 2018

    "Having already worked in 3 countries other than my home country before 30 years old I was pretty much lost with what was gonna happen with my pension for the next 40 years. I did not want to wait the last minute but was not versed at all on pension matters. I thus decided to trust Patrick to put all my pensions in order across Europe and get me some understanding of what I could expect and what are my options. I am very statisfied as I can now say that I understand the basics and feel able and comfortable taking the decisions based on his advises. It is always clear and detailed, objective and based on my profile. I much appreciate working with Patrick and hope to carry on having him as my advisor across my international career."

    Clémence Grillon/Supply Chain Manager at Eriks-SHV/2018

    'When I needed an advisor to optimize my pension planning and Wealth Management, Patrick was recommended by a friend. Patrick has provided excellent advice in a professional manner and at a regular rate. He delivered in time and provided clear advice and conclusions. Furthermore we appreciated that after some time he contacted us on his own initiative to see if there were any questions. Therefore it is our pleasure to recommend Patrick!'

    Prof. G.J. Kaspers MD, Director Maxima Hospital/2018

    'Patrick was extremelly helpful and efficient in reviewing my pension plan and coming with a clear proposal for improvements. He also evaluated several investment options and helped me to select the most appropriated funds. The interaction with Patrick is always very good; he always provides clear and quick feedback to all questions.'

    Kellen Fae, Head of Biomarkers, The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies/2018

    'Every expat knows how complicated international pension planning can be. I was very lucky to find in Patrick a knowledgeable and consummate professional who advocated on my behalf with the Belastingdienst and the plan provider to deliver exactly what he said he could deliver.

    While it did take some time to organize, Patrick was there the entire way, with exhaustive attention to detail and faultless communication. Overall, Patrick provided a very valuable and cost-effective service. I heartily recommend Patrick and Expat Pension Holland.'

    Todd Wilkinson, Entrepreneur, USA/2018

    'I am extremely impressed with Patrick's professionalism and kind, friendly and personal service. Patrick truly is a scholar and a gentleman. I will always recommend Patrick's services to anyone that may require them. Many thanks!!'

    Eugene Bascerano, International IT Consultant/2018

    'As a foreign national with pension questions in the Netherlands, I'm pleased to recommend Patrick Donders for any pension issues.  Patrick is professional, knowledgeable and leaves no stone unturned in researching/advising on pension matters. Patrick will not only help specifically answer a client's questions, but will also point out additional concerns to ensure the greatest protection for his clients and he does so using clear, concise English. I highly recommend Patrick.'

    Guy La Salle, Manager Nike/USA / 2018

    'I was very pleased with Patrick's services. He is highly professional and dedicated to providing a workable solution. He took the time to understand the particularities of my case and delivered a clear and concise course of action.'

    P.B., Global Assurance, European Space Agency/2018

    'Thank you very much for your advice. Your service is excellent!'

    Voldemars Belakovs, Scientist/Latvia/2018

    'I am really grateful for Patrick Donders' skills and dedication to providing high quality service. Patrick has provided exceptional service, has always given the best possible advice and gone above and beyond my expectations to give me everything I need in terms of pension plan and following through to completion in a way that I have never experienced before. He is a Star.'

    Bernard Andrews, Manchester/UK/2018

    'I expected pension advice and got much more. Patrick really gave me clarity on my relatively complex pension situation (well complex to me!). Patrick was good to work with and I now feel reassured about my situation where before I felt in the dark. I would not hesitate to recommend Patrick to others in a similar situation.'

    Ivon Corcoran, Director WE Fashion Europe BV/2018