Global: Investments & Risks

The essence of pensions is the return on investment and risk ratio of many aspects.


  • Which investment within Pillar 1-3 will provide the highest consecutive (after tax/costs) gain?
  • Are there such possibilities in other countries with higher expected consecutive gain?
  • Which of the Active/Passive/Index tracker/Life Cycle/Sustainable approach provides the highest consecutive (after tax/costs) gain and fits within the expat’s risk profile?
  • Are the Life Cycle funds tailor-made to the personal risk approach?
  • Too often funds focus on indeed low costs but not on the much more relevant expected consecutive height of the annual gain.


  • Is the expected DC Old age pension capital sufficient with a low interest rate at retirement age?
  • Have you discussed with your partner how high the net next of kin coverage should be for the next 5 years or until the youngest child reaches the age of 18?
  • Has been provided for a fitting disability coverage?
  • Does your planning take into account that tax regimes might change substantially?