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Expats pensions underexposed

Expat pensions are often underexposed. Mostly due to busy schedules and the lack of required knowledge regarding:

  • Civil/Tax/ Social Security law
  • Actuarial
  • Pension and financial products
  • IORPS’s

Expats require customization

  • Each expat has a special situation and personal preferences. Circumstances can change in time. Only customization provides the required optimal international (risk) coverages, cost control and flexibility.
  • Standard financial products might seem practical. However, they tend to be (extremely) expensive, not flexible and not providing the required customized coverage.

Issues of customisation

  • What is the exact coverage and premium of the (concept) pension scheme?
  • Is a discussion regarding DB/DC/CDC and PPI deemed suitable?
  • In case of DC/PPI the offered investment funds perform well with low costs?
  • Their Life Cycle propositions are well structured?
  • What is the current and future applicable tax/social security regime?
  • What does a salary split/fiscale ruling mean for the (new) pension scheme?
  • The next of kin coverage often lacks. Annuity or capital based is desired?
  • ‘Small’ differences in disability coverages can have huge impact.
  • What is the (proposed) premium allocation between employer and expat?
  • Are equal expats treated equally or will harmonisation follow later on?
  • Timely closure of additional coverage often reduces costs by 50%.
  • Is international transfer of value possible and desirable?


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