Dutch transfer of capital

International Transfer of Pension Capital

  • In general it is possible to transfer pension capital from one expat pension plan/country to the next before pension age.
  • The constant value of the existing expat pension claims will be transferred to the next expat pension plan/country and implemented as suitable according to its pension claims.
  • It is relevant if the existing and new expat pension plan have a DB/DC/CDC/hybrid nature as this impacts how to determine its constant value and financial implications.
  • Each country has its own legal/tax/procedural regime and substantial differences exist. For the procedure it is relevant if the transfer is within or also outside of the EU.
  • Distinguish between authorization from civil versus tax authorities.
  • Distinguish between individual versus collective transfers and a legal entitlement versus just the possibility to ask for a transfer.
  • If a transfer transforms an existing DB/CDC pension claim into a DC pension claim, question if you prefer to trade existing and paid for guarantees for (substantial) interest rate and investment risks.

Transfer from Holland

  • Dutch legislation is rather strict regarding civil law/tax requirements.
  • To transfer capital from a Dutch expat pension plan to the next plan/country is only possible if the latter has the same guarantees as the Dutch pension plan.
  • Thus this transfer is seldom allowed.

Transfer to Holland

  • To transfer pension capital to a Dutch expat pension plan from another plan/country is generally less difficult.

Prevent unnecessary Risks

  • Due to the technical, legal, tax and product aspects of international transfer of value, it seems advisable to obtain advice beforehand.