Dutch pillar 1/2/3

Pillar 1

  • These pensions are for residents and those who voluntarily participate. If this is advisable should be calculated. Total old age pensions are acquired after 50 years of participation. Payment while one lives abroad is i.e. possible.
  • The pension age is increasing. It will be age 67 as of 2021 and then linked to life expectancy.
  • Implementation is handled by www.svb.nl . Check your pension age at SVB’s retirement calculator page

Pillar 2

  • Participation is often mandatory due to collective agreements.
  • Pension capital has to be secured outside of the sponsoring company.
  • These pensions are i.e. implemented by Branch/Corporate Pension Funds or Insurance Companies. As of 2011/2016 it can also be covered by a Premium Pension Institution (PPI)/General Pension Fund (APF).
  • The EU tries to expand the Pan European Pension Plan (PEPP). It is transferable across EU member states.
  • As of 2018 the pension age will be age 68. Most plans have a flexible pension age.

Pillar 3

  • Private coverage entails insurance/investment/mortgage plans. They often have a tax benefit. Check the cost levels of these products as in the past they often were (too) high.
  • For expats it is relevant to know that only few in Holland located insurance companies and banks are willing to receive Dutch Lijfrente Capital and provide an annuity to an expat outside of Holland.